The Veterans Advocate Foundation is currently in the process of being founded in 2013 to provide support and assistance to personnel who have served in the U.S. Military. Our management team will be comprised of both veterans and civilians.

There are three major aspects to the Veterans Advocate mission: Our non-profit organization will seek to raise and distribute funds through contributions from public visitors to its websites sites (i.e. www.va.org) to worthy local “grassroots” type organizations nationwide that will invest the funds for suicide prevention programs and other veteran assistance/support programs. VA.org’s non-profit will directly and indirectly help Vets get back on their feet.

Veterans Advocate’s other primary objective will be to maintain a volunteer-based 24/7 veteran support chat line. A veteran who is in need of someone to speak to regarding any issues they are dealing with, can connect directly to another veteran via our online chat software. The support chat will be manned on a peer-to-peer basis, as veteran users are online and available to help.

In addition, Veterans Advocate (www.va.org) plans to feature a 12-Step forum for veterans dealing with addictions to drugs and alcohol. This forum will be moderated by veterans who have personally dealt with/are dealing with addiction problems and are in recovery. This is designed to truly be a vets-helping-vets system. Our staff of “sponsors” will be doing service work by sharing their experiences, strength and hope with anyone veterans in need of help.